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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IN FOCUS: "Name It" Contest Winners

The past week, we have started the contest for naming Kim's photo studio, as well as Jake's garage .

We'd like to thank you all for your wonderful entries for our "Name it" contest. After careful consideration, and a very tough decision, the winner's are Mia's suggestion of "Picture Perfect" for Kim's Studio and Heidi's "Alpha Dog Motors" for Jake's Garage. Congratulations to both of you!

Here's more insight to Mia and Heidi's characters:

Mia Connors
Winner for Kim's photo studio name on ATR's "Name It" Contest
"Picture Perfect"

- was born to a normal Quileute imprint couple
- her father was a shape shifter and her mother was an imprint.
- moved to Upstate New York, hoping to get away from the dangers of vampires, where also she loved the skyscrapers, the shopping, and the clothes
- her father died shortly after her 18th birthday 
- Her mother decided that it would be best to move herself and Mia back to the Quileute reservation in Washington, where she knows she can keep Mia safe and told Mia everything. 
- deciding it was safer and easier for her mother that they move back in to La Push, leaving the only city she's ever known for the only city she needs

Heidi Leda Clio Aphrodisia
Winner for Jake's garage name on ATR's "Name It" Contest
"Alpha Dog Motors"

- was born Heidi Leda Clio Aphrodisia of Sparta to Hermione and Orestes
- her grandparents are fairly well known in Greecian history: Helen and Menelaus
- lived and grew up in a life of luxury and after the day she told of her desire to be independent, she was claimed to be betrothed
- her husband, Herodotus, was a well-known Spartan general, who treated her as a 'trophy wife'
- she gave birth to her daughter, Elizabetta, whom Herodotus had troubles accepting at first, for he wanted a son to be his heir
- worked as a baker while taking care of her daughter, the time that Herodotus went away for a battle again
- after being followed by a man who held a dagger by his hand, Heidi was slammed against the wall until her sight failed her
- a few days after, she woke up to the life of a vampire, with a man telling her what she had become and has come to be a part of
- she heard of her husband's death which happened a week before she transformed, and she could not come to the funeral as she was claimed to be missing, her family considering her gone, leaving Elizabetta in the care of Heidi's parents
- today, Heidi is part of the rank of guards of the Volturi as their 'catcher' and 'bait'

Again, congratulations to Mia and Heidi! Keep sending your ideas and suggestions for our next contests and possible prizes and send them as a message to Benjamin!

-- Tia

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