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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Up-close & Personal : Angela "Ang" Weber

We have the spotlight on one of our four VIRP'ers for the past month and we have Corin do one-on-one interviews to give you a better look into the character and the roleplayer of Angela.

Corin: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and answer a few questions, lets get started. How long have you been roleplaying?

Angie: I have been RPing 13 Months.

Corin: Very Nice and How did you find out about it?
Angie: I got told about it on a Fanfiction site that I was on and it was something at the time that interested me.

Corin: Who’s your most favorite character from all those you’ve played?
Angie: In all honesty it has to be Angela, I have been able to make her more of my own character.

Corin: What makes you keep on doing RP?
Angie: The friends that I have made on here, are one of the reasons why I come back, plus its nice to get away from real life stress and strains.

Corin: And now for some Character questions: What made you choose Angela?
Angie: I wanted at the time to RP as a human and I saw Angela was available and just decided to go with it.

Corin: What do you think would be something that you want to convey of Angela that others might not know about?
Angie: Despite the fact that she seems to have changed a lot over the past couple of years, she is still the same girl at heart, you just have to look past the changes.

Corin: What’s your take on Angela? Did you change your attack to it and how do you think you’ve made it your own?
Angie: In the books, I saw her as Bella's geeky friend, I still have her as a bit of a geek but she has come out of her shell more. I've think I've made her my own that way.
She isn't afraid to speak her mind and she argues back if she thinks she is right.

Corin: What do you think is Angela’s deepest desire?
Angie: It was to get back together with Ben. Angela always regretted how her and Ben split up and now that has happened, she wants her family back. It's something that means a lot to her.

Corin: If Angela was stuck in an island, what three things would she bring along with her? (Persons not included)
Angie: A camera, her I'pod and a photo album of all her friends and family.

Corin: What contributed to your ideas for your “Flashback”?
Angie: It was a change from the norm. In a lot of Angela and Ben RP's you see them married and happy, I thought at the time that it would be nice to see that they are like other couples.

Corin: 7 years had passed... What is one photo you wish you could capture of Ben?
Angie: This may sound really cheesy but one where he is completely relaxed and not knowing I want to take the picture, I have never managed to capture one of them moments.

Corin: Let’s get a little steamy… What is one place you’d wish to make love with Ben?
Angie: The dark room at work.

Corin: Five years down the road… Where is your Angela?
Angie: Hopefully still happily in love with Ben, I do not want to try and predict where she will be, she sees life as a day to day thing and thanks her lucky stars that she is still here today.

There you have it, folks! Tune in next time to see a better look into Angela's love interest, Ben Cheney, another of our four VIRP'ers for June.

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