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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Up-close & Personal : Ben Cheney

Now here is Part 2 of our one-on-one interviews with our four Very Important RolePlayer (VIRP) for the month of June and our moderator Corin. Get ready to sizzle with Ben Cheney!

Corin: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me, lets get started: First Question How long have you been roleplaying?
Ben: 3 Years
Corin: Impressive, and how did you find out about it?
Ben: Via a Facebook app on the Twilight Saga

Corin: Who’s your most favorite character from all those you’ve played?
Ben: Stefan of Romania

Corin: What makes you keep on doing RP?
Ben: The love and the art of it. The fact that its the only place I can go to escape every day hassles. 

Corin: Now for some character questions. What made you choose Ben?
Ben: I was asked if I would be interested and since I have only ever played the Vampire, I found being Ben a challenge, and I loved it straight away.

Corin: What do you think would be something that you want to convey of Ben that others might not know about?
Ben: Ben is your average guy, with every day issues. Nothing extraordinary but dedicated to make things work with Angela. Over the years after Highschool he has undergone a transformation, and grew wiser. 

Corin: What’s your take on Ben? Did you change your attack to it and how do you think you’ve made it your own?
Ben: Well first of all, I took him and put a face to him, then I simply evolved him into much of who I am. My ways and every day life. Ben reflects who I am in more ways than one. 

Corin: What do you think is Ben’s deepest desire?
Ben: To finally get engaged and marry Angela. He lost her once, he doesn't want to lose her again.

Corin: If Ben was stuck in an island, what three things would he bring along with him? (Persons not included)
Ben: Rum, Spade,  Stock of matches.

Corin: What contributed to your ideas for your “Flashback”?Ben: What contributed? Not sure what you mean. 
Our so called breakup, made me think it had to be because of another girl. So I pretty much created this fictitious person, Samantha. Angela was very keen on it too.

Corin: 7 years had passed... What are the changes in yourself that is most notable?
Ben: More matured, not so impulsive as I was when younger. Less "childish" A lot more open minded, and I like what Angela's become too. The little Voyeur she is. *winks*

Corin: Let’s get a little steamy… What is one fantasy you want to live out with Angela?
Ben: Fantasy... mmm  I'd like to take her to my Dojo (Karate Club) we have these mirrored walls, have the lights dim, candles against the wall, then have her in the sexiest red or white lingerie dance to "Black Velvet" By Alanah Myles, while I watch. She would then get undressed, slowly using only 1 chair in the middle of the floor, and when she;s completely naked, she can remain seated on the chair where I'll take sweet advantage of her from head to toe, while able to watch her in the mirrors. 

Corin: Five years down the road… Where is Ben?
Ben: Own successful business. Married to Angela or at least Engaged. Traveling the world on occasion

Who would have known?:P We're sure you enjoyed that one! Tune in next time for the second half of our four very deserving VIRP'ers for the month of JUNE. Keep posted and we promise to entertain some more.;)

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