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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

VIrP's for October 17, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to our VIrP's for the weeks ending October 17, 2010 Gianna and Vladimir!

A little about our character's of the week...

Gianna worked for the Volturi for several years as a receptionist. She considered most of the Volturi family and rarely felt afraid of them.

One night Aro and other key guards left for Egypt. While they were away a hungry, newborn nomad, to advantage of the situation and snuck into the castle. She sniffed out Gianna in her office and bit her. Gianna screamed and Afton came and destroyed the newborn but it was too late, Gianna had been bitten. Afton wanted to help her but felt that he lacked the strength to suck the venom out. Instead, Afton remained at Gianna's side through out the change, feeling responsible for the attack on her even though there were other guards around as well. When Gianna finished the change, she was frustrated by all the things in her life that would be altered with her new life.

The one thing that Gianna was certain about was that Afton had saved her and she would be eternally grateful to him. From the beginning of her new life it was obvious that Gianna was going to be a very controlled newborn. She was hesitant to attack her first kill but Afton helped her threw it. After her first hunt, Afton told Gianna that after her ordeal he discovered that he was falling in love with her. Gianna too overwhelmed with all the things changing her life to really focus on it at the time. The more time Gianna spends with Afton the more she realizes just how much he means to her.

I have lived more years than I wish to admit, have died, lived, and died again. I am an ancient vampire, older than Aro by far. At one time I was a ruler, not only of the vampires but of the world, because in my time, we didn't hide. Vampires were revered, respected, and feared in my time. Not like now.

Also when I ruled, I ruled alongside many. The Romanians had ten equal rulers, five male, five female. One of which was my mate and all of which were my friends. We had a treaty with the Volturi, and the treaty lasted for near a millenia. When Aro broke the treaty and attacked us. We weren't prepared. Our whole coven, including our guards were destroyed. Now after all this time is is only Stefan and I.

I have only one true plan for my future, vengeance, and someday to bring back the ways of old. Anything else that happens is just a road bump a long the way.*

Oh, I also have a horse who goes by mist, check my pictures.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VIrP's for October 3, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to our VIrP's for the week ending October 3, 2010 Mary Alice Brandon Cullen and Mikayla Adams!

A little about our character's of the week...
Alice Cullen:
 I'm Alice Brandon Cullen. Originally from Biloxi, Mississippi, and until recently, I haven't had any clue about my human life. I'm a vampire. Don't be alarmed, I'm... well, you might call it "vegetarian"; I only feed on animals. Well, my physical features... I'm a shortie (shut up, Emmet), a measly five feet... (shut up Emmet! 5 ft, 4ft 10 in. what does it matter to you?!), with bright brown eyes. I was adopted by the wonderful and generous Dr. Carisle Cullen, and his beautiful wife, our mom, Esme Cullen. There are more like us in the family: the joker and muscles, Emmet, the beauty, Rosalie(Emmet's lady), the brains and the brawn, Edward, who's ttly in love with a human, Bella, and my love, Jasper. He's a bit scholarly, but muscular, nonetheless. Oh, and don't mind the age... I'm 19... have been for 70... 80 years or so. Well, I've been doing some self-research over the past summer...I'd found out that my real name is Mary Alice Brandon, and that I was originally from Biloxi, Mississippi. I was put in an asylum for my visions in the 1930s, and was changed there by a vampire that was affectionate of me. Pretty dramatic, I guess. I don't remember any of my human life, but I think it's better that way. The rest of my family have their own likes and dislikes. Emmet has his whole room full of barbells and such... lol, it's not like he needs the extra strength! Rosalie has a knack with mechanics... she likes to tinker with cars, which I think is really unlike the rest of her characteristics. I mean, beautiful, sexy, conscious of her looks all the damn time... mechanic? lol, anyways, I cringe to think of what those two like to do together!! My younger "brother", Edward, likes hot, fast cars, which is like, the only similarity between him and Rose. Well, he was the first of Carisle's "kids", and I must admit, he is the best behaved of all of us.... or that's what Carisle and Esme think. Of course, I looovve to shop... you already knew that. Jasper, he's scholarly. He's gone to all kinds of universities around the world, and the professors at his current college are really, really surprised. He likes to read poetry and mystery novels in his free time. He's also in charge of looking into vampire books every few years, just to make sure they're not getting to close to the truth. He and Emmet are constantly wrestling... Emmet's been fuming for the past few days about a match he'd lost to Jazz!! Well, that's about it for now...

Mikayla Adams:

My name is Mikayla Adams, I was an only child, never actually knew my father and my mom raised me under really strict rules my whole life. Growing up, used to spend most of my time in Kayla Evans house trying to avoid spending too much time with my mom. Kayla has been my best friend since the first grade, and we have done pretty much everything together. 
By the time I turned 15 I started to hang around with the wrong people, and after I graduated High School moved to California with my boyfriend. Once there, I ended up realizing that my so-called boyfriend wasn't really someone I wanted in my life for the long haul, so I left him and ....I have no intention of going back to Seattle, so I’m moving in with Kayla to LaPush, having a second chance to start over with my life.