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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Up-close & Personal : Renesmee Carlie Cullen

You have seen Angela and Ben a bit more up-close than just RP. Ready to get your fill on the next VIRP?

We have more for you today... the third to the four VIRP for June. Bella and Edward's unica hija, Ness.

Nessie: -takes a seat-

Corin: [smiles] Thanks for taking the time to do this Ness

Nessie: -smiles- You're welcome Cor.

Corin: Congratulations on being nominated and selected as out VIRP

Nessie: Thank you.

Corin: You're welcome, Okay So I am going to kick off the questions when you are ready

Nessie: -nods- I ma ready.

Corin: Okay, My first question for you is: How long have you been RPing?

Nessie: I will be coming up to 2 years in October.

Corin: Oh wow, that's great!

Nessie: -smiles- Thanks.

Corin: How did you find out about RP?

Nessie: After watching Twilight I did a search online and I came across a few RP sites and I joined one and it started there.

Corin: And out of all the characters you have played, who has been your favourite so far?

Nessie: I would have to say Bella.

Corin: Nice! What are the reasons you continue to RP?

Nessie: I think the main reason that I still RP is because I enjoy it. Its a escape from the stress of RL and I love the friends I have made while doing it.

Corin: I think most would agree with you there..

Nessie: I am sure they would.

Corin: Out of all the characters, what made you choose Ness?

Nessie: Ness was a role I had played briefly in the past and I enjoyed playing her. There are so many different ways she can be played and I love the challenge.

Corin: What do you think would be something that you want to convey of Nessie that others might not know about?

Nessie: -thinks- I guess it would be her thoughts and feelings on her fast growing phase.

Corin: What’s your take on Ness? Did you change your attack to it and how do you think you’ve made it your own?

Nessie: My take on Ness is that she can be loving, Stubborn and protective of loved ones. When I RP a role I try to put myself in their shoes; Even though that sounds odd but it gives me the chance to understand how to make the role my own and to do it justice.

Corin: What do you think is Ness' Deepest Desire?

Nessie: Ness' deepest desire I think would be always being with Jacob.

Corin: If Ness was stuck in an island, what three things would she bring along with her? (Persons not included)

Nessie: Cell phone, ipod and her favourite book.

Corin: Good answer! [smiles] 7 years had passed: What is one thing that you (ness) are still curious about?

Nessie: Even though Ness has reached maturity and stopped growing I think she might be curious about whether or not she could have a child.

Corin: Let’s get a little steamy: what is the one thing Jake does in the bedroom that drives you crazy?

Nessie: When he growls is a very big turn on.

Corin: Okay, last questions to wrap this up.... Five years down the road: Where is Ness?

Nessie: Ness would be hopefully married to Jake by then and they still living in La Push.

Corin: Thank you so much for your time and congratulations once again [smiles]

There you have it, folks! Tune in next time and we will be featuring that shapeshifter who loves to hump in the river... Collin Littlesea. Stay tuned!:)

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