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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ViRPs for JUNE 6, 2011

We've been gone for a bit but we are back!
CONGRATULATIONS to our VIrP's for the week of June 6, 2011 Angela and Ben Cheney!

 A little about our ViRPs...

{waves} Hello and welcome to the life of me.. Angela Weber, you would have all last seen me 7 years ago at the wedding of my friends Bella Swan {now Cullen} and Edward Cullen. Let's just say these past seven years have been crazy. They have been the worst and yet at time the best years of my life.

I'll start with what happened to who I thought was my prince charming Ben... Turned out  he was nothing like I thought he was, I caught him cheating on me. Pretty much the day from hell was that day, seeing Ben like that broke my heart deeply, I was lucky to have friends there to help me through it all. Yes it did change me but I could not and would not ever regret who I have become today.

Leaving college and my past firmly behind me, I continued on with my passion of photography  choosing to work as a freelancer. It meant more freedom for me and I loved that. More freedom = result. 

Funny things happen as time changes, I was away in London on work when, I got a phone call from my parents wanting me to go home and visit them, it was something, I actually did not want to do. My parents and I have had a "tough" relationship over the past few years. One of the few r
easons we are talking is because of Joshua and Issac, my younger twin brothers. So with them in mind I flew back home to Seattle once I was finished in London and spent one last night at home before deciding to go and see them.

The next morning I got the mother of all shocks, a text from Ben asking to meet up. To be honest, that day when I saw the text, I was tempted to just leave my phone where it was and forget that he had even contacted me. However some part of me always wanted to speak to him again so I texted back telling him that it was something I would do but not yet.

My answer obviously was not good enough for him as I got a text a few hours later asking me to meet him in the park in Forks, rather hesitantly, I agreed. It took some convincing but Ben finally made me see that he was been honest about us and having a second chance.

It's not always easy, there is a lot of issues that still come up but its something that is worth fighting for and that is what we are doing.

Most of my life I spent in Forks, along with my other friends from high school. We were fun loving crazy teens back then. We enjoyed hanging out at La Push, town, Port Angeles. Wherever we could go to get a kick out of life we would go. My girlfriend was Angela.

When a person is young and simply living each day for what it is, you never stop to think that the choices you make now could have an impact on your life later. This I came to realize when I royally screwed up my relationship with Angela. In a moment of weakness I cheated on her - the look on her face when she saw me with Samantha was engraved in my mind for years to come.

It was with much surprise that I decided to take a chance and text Ang, years after this event. I guess I never really got over losing her, I simply adapted and moved on like a commuter on the train of life. To be honest I didn't even know where Angela was, but when she mentioned being in Seattle it was a clear sign that I had to meet up with her. I drove all the way to Forks to go find her after she had planned a trip there to see her folks. I simply could or would not wait for her to get back from her holiday, I had to see her straight away, and waiting was not an option. I am so thankful that I did. When I laid my eyes on her after all these years - she took my breath away, just like she did the night of prom. It was then and there - when I saw her that I knew I could not let her go. Not again. Not ever. Its not every day you get to find the one person who completes you. My one person is Angela Weber.

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